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OutSystems, the global leader in low-code rapid application development, recently announced it has raised $360 million in an investment round from KKR and Goldman Sachs. The funding values the company at well over $1 billion, and the proceeds will be used to accelerate business expansion and for R&D in new advancements in software automation.


The OutSystems low-code platform enables customers to achieve significant efficiency gains in building and supporting enterprise-grade applications. By leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and deep technology integrations, software developers and business users can build applications through an intuitive, visual interface, rather than traditional coding. Customers experience strong cost savings and create competitive advantages by developing custom applications in days and weeks versus months and years, despite a shortage of skilled developers.


Companies such as Toyota, Logitech, Deloitte, Ricoh, Schneider Electric, and GM Financial use the OutSystems low-code platform to rapidly develop custom applications that digitalize and differentiate their business. The platform can support a wide range of enterprise applications: from large, mission-critical solutions that replace aging legacy ERP/CRM systems, to mobile and web apps for internal processes, to customer experiences like online banking, account enrolment, and customer self-service.


OutSystems is widely regarded as the leader in its market due to the breadth and depth of the platform. The company serves thousands of customers globally and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies with revenues well above $100 million and growing at more than 70 percent annually.


Green Lemon Company are a solution partner with OutSystems and in addition to providing the platform, offer development, training, Consultancy and support services. We aim to exceed expectation wherever possible by embracing world class technology, governance and industry best practice. Our mission is to provide innovative user enabling technology solutions that make our customers lives more efficient, engaging and provide a demonstrable return on investment.

To see the full Press Release, follow this link 

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