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And here to the final part of our look at some of the most compelling reasons to explore upgrading your software delivery environment. Here we look at our last 8 major reasons to upgrade; Containers, Happy Developers, Business Collaboration, Analyst Ratings, Investment, ROI, Community, App Store . The only question left is what's stopping you?


Deploying to Containers - You can now package OutSystems applications as Docker containers and deploy them to container platforms such as Docker EE, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Amazon ECS. Or, you can orchestrate your deployments with Pivotal Application Service. As a result, these applications can take full advantage of container NFRs, such as auto-scaling, fault-tolerance, and streamlined system administration and patching process.


Happy Developers - I'm not aware of any OutSystems developers who would choose to go back to line coding everything. The platform deals with all the mundane tasks efficiently, meaning you can do so much more. Adding to your skills, not taking away as you may still need to use custom code in places. OutSystems follows a developer’s logic, so you don’t have to fundamentally relearn how to code. OutSystems integrates with all the familiar tools you already use, like JIRA.


Business Collaboration - Because you are building new features at a pace, there is far more interaction and collaboration between IT and the business to ensure what is being built is what the business expects. In addition to that, the business can actually look themselves at the visual development environment to ensure the work flows are correct. There is no way the business could have direct influence or feedback just by looking at lines and lines of code.


Rated - Gartner have named OutSystems A Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) Magic Quadrant leader; and A leader in the High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) Magic Quadrant. Forrester has named OutSystems a leader in Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros and Mobile Development Low Code. Ovum Names OutSystems a "Market Leader" for Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) Solutions. From the user community, sites like TrustRadius have OutSystems with a score of 8.9/10. G2 Crowd users score OutSystems at 4.7/5 stars. Very impressive.


Investment - An important consideration when choosing a low code platform is how well will the platform be supported moving forward? On that front, OutSystems announced in summer 2018 a $360 million investment from Goldman Sachs and KKR. This is a massive endorsement of the platform and its capabilities, and demonstrates the platform will be further improved upon over the coming years.


ROI - 1 OutSystems developer can do the work of at least 5 traditional developers. The more you develop, the more you save. A team of just 10? savings in millions. If there is a direct ROI attached for a specific app (time / cost savings), by delivering the app much quicker, you realise the ROI much quicker too.


OutSystems Community - With over 1,000 organisations worldwide using the platform, there are over 137,000 in the OutSystems community, with the Forum to share and discuss ideas and programming, ensuring you can benefit from community members experience and get any questions you have answered quickly.


App Store - Why spend money developing when it’s already done for you? OutSystems Forge is a repository of open-source reusable projects that speed application delivery. These projects can be applications or modules and they provide multiple additional features and components such as:

  • String manipulation libraries
  • Widgets to display maps or charts
  • Connectors to integrate with external services such as Box, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Entire business applications such as Asset Management or Sales Apps to customise


Whether you are a start-up looking for the right software delivery platform to enable rapid growth or an Enterprise requiring massive scale and integrations, OutSystems can do everything you do now, just much faster and more cost effective. Granted, upgrading to OutSystems is a big step, and change can cause uncertainty and fear of failure, but the rewards are so big and proven in over 1,000 organisations across 22 verticals Worldwide. OutSystems has been refined and improved over 17 years and counting; It’s the evolution Software Development has been waiting for.


Green Lemon Company are a Certified UK OutSystems partner who in addition to taking OutSystems to market, provide Development, Training and Application Support services. Do get in touch to see the future of Software Development. 

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