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OutSystems - The Most Trusted Low-Code Platform
As a CEO, CIO, CTO, etc. You will be acutely aware of the massive and growing cost of IT. You’re equally aware that you are falling behind your competition is dangerous and that technology is the key.

You have to keep your legacy systems running but at the same time the business is screaming for new and better applications. More resources, more code to write, more cost…
The answer is remarkably straightforward, but appears too good to be true. There is a new way of building technology solutions, low-code or Rapid Application Development [RAD].

RAD will deliver a 5-10x increase in development velocity. Put another way a 500-1000% increase in productivity or its equivalent reduction in resources. If your IT guys are passionate about delivering business value; they will love it.

We promote the OutSystems RAD solution. An unmatched low-code rapid application development and delivery platform.
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Our CTO explains why OutSystems is so good
Visually Develop Once For All Devices
Leverage responsive design and hybrid architecture to create multi-device applications (including native capabilities) without extra effort. Visually develop your mobile app, powerfully fast, harnessing the power of HTML5 and CSS3 without deep knowledge.

Visually develop your backend, just as fast. Multi-channel from day one. Andorid, iOS, Windows and Web. Immediately productive with your existing skillset. Minimall learning curve to deliver in weeks.

Extend with your custom code. Use Eclipse and Visual Studio to extend, include and reuse existing Java or C# code.
Integrate Everything
OutSystems platform makes it extremely easy to integrate any external enterprise system, database or custom app. Extend SaaS and Enterprise Systems using pre-build connectors, or create your own. Connect to any external database using ODBC/JDBC connections. Connect to the most popular cloud services through pre-built API connectivity. Consume and Expose SOAP and REST services simply without any hand coding. Use Eclipse or Visual Studio to include, reuse amd extend existing Java or C# code.
Rapid Delivery and Change Management
Iterate rapidly without risk. Make deep changes to your application knowing all dependencies will be automatically updated. Continuous integration and change with zero risk. Decrease maintenance costs and ensure application health. Control and automate continuous deployment. Error free, fully automated, continuous delivery. Detect problems fast, troubleshoot and correct even faster. Built in application monitoring and visual debugger pinpoint issues faster and easier. Immediately understand and change code built by others, with visual models.
Vital OutSystems Differentiators 
Rapid Productivity
OutSystems platform was built to ensure that the time to productivity is as short as possible. You can rapidly develop apps and then make changes to your application data model, APIs and architecture even faster—and without risk.
Speed and Code
OutSystems platform uniquely combines development speed with seamless integration of your code for greater agility. Customer feedback tells us that our visual modeling and custom coding blend perfectly to enable speed, power and flexibility while reducing costs.
Multi-Channel Development
Designing and developing apps that run across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web has never been easier. The OutSystems platform technology enables you to develop quality applications once and deploy them everywhere in much less time and at a lower cost than traditional technology. A full spectrum of devices and operating systems are supported without sacrificing native responsiveness.
Open Platform
Why limit application development with proprietary data and architecture, and inflexible code and APIs—all of which increase your costs? OutSystems platform is an open platform that delivers standards-based code and stacks with extensibility so there are no limits to what you can do.
Enterprise-Grade Platform
Our architectures, users and applications grow. And OutSystems platform grows right along with them. Integrate everything, scale up apps and architectures, add developers and environments, create complex quality applications with agility and without losing performance, availability, security—or sleep.
Reduced Costs
OutSystems platform supports broad and complex lifecycles, enabling a continuous delivery process the moment you start your project. We help you control costs by making it as easy to manage and update your application as it is to deploy it. Citizen developers can also benefit because business teams are able to create applications without risk.
No Lock-in
For worry-free and risk-free implementation, OutSystems platform is the only solution that truly offers “no lock in.” OutSystems platform takes your application models, and generates standard applications that don’t require OutSystems platform to run. And, you can run your apps in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid or on-premises configurations with reduced risks.
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